Jinx Teen titan

Jinx Teen titan

Jinx is an Honorary Titan and a former villain. Prior to joining the Teen Titans, Jinx was a former top student of the H. Academy and the former leader of the H. She is also the girlfriend of Kid Flash. Jinx became a former H. Academy student, along with Gizmo and Mammoth. Her first mission with her classmates for which they were dispatched by the H. Headmistress, who had been hired by Slade was to destroy the Titans. They managed to force the Titans out of their tower, but the Titans came back with Robin and managed to defeat Jinx and her team.

Review: Teen Titans Go! “Opposites”

The Teen Titans are one of the most culturally relevant super-teams in all of comic lore. But they suffer from what could be called “the boarding school effect”, a phenomenon that occurs when you give teenagers with powers or advantages a private tower to mess around in with little to no adult supervision. These range from the obscenely boring to the outright offensive, but certainly outnumber the good relationships that the series has given readers. Dick Grayson and Starfire?

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The robots ready their weapons as a familiar member of the HIVE enters the room. Girl with pink hair in a style shaped like devil horns and wearing a purple dress. It was ex-member Jinx. Jinx smiles and snaps her fingers, causing a tidal wave of hex energy to destroy the robots. Jinx flipped her hair after her little attack. Jinx turned around and sees the remains of a robot. Jinx smirked at Kid Flash and fired a hex blast at Kid Flash, which he ducked to avoid. But the blast instead hit a robot that Kid Flash didn’t know was behind him.

Kid Flash looked behind him and sees the destroyed robot. Suddenly, a familiar black haired teenager jumped from the ceiling. And so did a familiar Cyborg; a green skinned, purple suited boy; an orange skinned, red haired teenage girl and a pale skinned girl wearing a purple cloak. Jinx and Kid Flash got into their attack positions ready to battle them.

Teen Titans

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Dating Catwoman: Cyborg and Jinx attend the H.I.V.E.’s dance together, and it’s later confirmed by Bumblebee that Cyborg had a crush on Jinx. Early-Bird.

Remember Fl inx!?? But again, anything will do as long as Kid Flash and Jinx are the main pairing. Also on AO3. Summary: Jinx had the opportunity to rid herself of magic, and she took it and disappeared, Wally blamed himself. Now his new team has a new Archer whose attitude reminds him of his old girlfriend, but never would he have imagine it was really her. Keep reading. Gosh, and now off to the land of fanfiction where I can read all about them.

Log in Sign up. Flinx Kid flash x Jinx teen titans. Jinx was always called Jinx as her mother though she was a cursed child. After dating Kid Flash and finding out his real name was Wally she legally changed her name to “Eva Bourlang”.

Teen Titans Season 3: What if CyJinx was a major plot point?

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Cyborg and jinx caught dating. Beast boy and editable pages for news events, music. Robin cyborg and date: well. The teen titans go! Also canon in with jinx manages to ask starfire on jinx’s hand started to ask starfire on link girl.

Blackfire/Robin · Cyborg/Jinx · Beast Boy/Terra · Starfire/Cyborg · Starfire/Beast Boy · Raven/ Cy is dating a mysterious woman who is in no way mysterious.

As a teenager, Victor Stone was an one-of-a-kind athlete who showed much more promise than most others. His life was going great, until he suffered a terrible accident that killed his mother and destroyed most of his body. His father, a genius scientist, was able to save him by building him into a cyborg, half-robot, half-man.

He spent the rest of his childhood shunned, made fun of, and rejected. He finally left his home and moved to Jump City , where he decided he would fight evil. One faithful night, he met up with three other superheroes who were fighting to save an alien princess from the Gordanians. They worked together, defeated the Gordanians, and the five of them together formed the Teen Titans. Cyborg is depicted as a cybernetic organism with few human attributes left. He has a red eye, and a laser as his left hand.

Teen Titans Go!

Jinx is a fictional comic book supervillainess and leader of the Fearsome Five , appearing in books published by DC Comics and is a part of the DC universe. This character bears no relation to the male character of the same name who first appeared in Adventure Comics as an adversary of Chris King and Vicki Grant.

She joined the supervillain group, the Fearsome Five, a frequent enemy of the Teen Titans , Superman , and the Outsiders. To date, her real name has not been revealed. Jinx is an Indian elemental sorceress whose powers include the ability to command elements such as air, the manipulation of magical energy that she can manifest as offensive force bolts and green flame, the ability to dissolve matter, and creation of ground tremors.

She was dating Cyborg first. She will break up with Kid Flash. Nobody liked that ​and the writers don’t anymore either. I was never happy with her turning “good”.

One less well-known character who will also make a cameo is the cybernetic hero Cyborg, a. Victor Stone. Cyborg’s origin story, unlike many other characters in comics, has stayed pretty consistent over the years. Victor Stone was a star high school football player with incredible intelligence. Not only did he possess natural smarts, but his parents, scientists at DC’s S. Labs, also subjected him to an experiment that would possibly boost his intellect. During another visit to S.

Labs, Victor is mortally wounded after an accident with an interdimensional portal. While the enhancements later helped him fight crime, Victor was not happy or grateful for what his father had done to him. Cyborg goes on hundreds of adventures with the Titans and becomes integral to their operations, thanks to both his intellect and technological capabilities. He even meets his best friend, Beast Boy, among the ranks of the Teen Titans.

Though Victor is still young, his maturity helps him stand tall among these six other icons. Despite Cyborg’s struggle with his enhancements, the powers they give him are nothing short of incredible.

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Beast Boy pretends to be a ghost haunting Starfire so she will do his bidding. When she figures out the ruse, she and the other Titans convince Beast Boy that he’s actually dead. Cyborg and Beast Boy try to capitalize on Zippy’s Pizza’s “thirty minutes or its free” deal, but the delivery boy is seemingly unstoppable.

It becomes a bit of a challenge as an all-out war of wits between them erupts. Meanwhile, Robin struggles with whether to build a senior center or a pool leaning toward the pool mostly to see Starfire in a bikini.

and how would the other react including titans east and jinx and kf dating with robstar but it just feels like a team hangout minus cyborg so.

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Teen Titans Go!

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